MELLIOS PLASTICS is a company, which carries out business in the field of industrial plastics. Our products include custom profiles, pipes and parts created from various first materials, designed and manufactured to meet the clients’ exact specifications.

The raw materials we use are mostly PVC, PMMA (acrylic), PC (Polycarbonate), NYLON, TPE (SBS-SEBS), PE (polyethylene), ABS, etc. Our highly skilled personnel has the technical mastery to study –from scratch– and construct a special mould suitable for the client’s product, in order to produce a functional and cost-effective product with the appropriate technical specifications.

MELLIOS PLASTICS operates in accordance with all international quality standards and is EN ISO 9001/2000 certified by the TŰV CERT organization. Many major industrial, multinational, construction and commercial companies in Greece ,in Europe and Asia rely on MELLIOS PLASTICS for the production of plastic parts for their products.

Our manufacturing plant produces parts for construction applications, electrical installations, lighting, electrical equipment, decorations, advertising solutions, etc.

Our catalogue refers to various groups of products and is indicative of our fields of specialty. Some of the designs and photographs shown are custom, proprietary solutions, and their moulds are the property of our clients.

MELLIOS PLASTICS continues its dynamic course, establishing its position in the European Union.

  • By investing in new technologies
  • By investing in specialized human resources
  • By investing in quality

Since May 2008, company “MELLIOS PLASTICS S.A.” is being accommodated in new privately building facilities in ARMA TANAGRAS in VIOTIA.

Geographic coordinates (GPS) 32 o 21′ 46” N – 23 o 28′ 42” E

In the new factory, that is built with modern building technical specifications, the company has increased production capabilities for the excellent service of its big existent clientele range.